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Natural Green Rooibos 100g, tea bags

Item number: AT00008OU

OUHUIS® Natural Green Rooibos 100g, 40 x 2.5g tea bags

  • Tart, Fresh Scent
  • Slightly Bitter and Smoky Taste
  • Dried, not Fermented
7.99 EUR
79.90 EUR per kg

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The Natural Green Rooibos tastes different than the classic Red Rooibos Tea. It has its very own, grassy, ​​slightly bitter taste: mild and natural. Refined with a spoonful of honey, the result is an unmistakable bitter-sweet taste experience. Once tried, you can't get enough of it. This rooibos tea is somewhat reminiscent of the aroma of a classic smoked green tea, but the Natural Green Rooibos is also caffeine-free.



The green rooibos smells fresh with a hint of peach.



The Green Rooibos was developed in 1995 by the Agricultural Research Council (Infruitec) in South Africa. The unoxidized only dried rooibos retains its natural vitamin C, which is otherwise destroyed during the fermentation process. The Green Rooibos Tea also contains more polyphones than the Red (fermented) Rooibos Tea.


Verantwortliches Lebensmitelunternehmen:
Rooibos Company GmbH
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Country of origin: Republic of South Africa

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