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Rooibos Blackcurrant Flavor 100g, tea bags

Item number: AT00003OU

OUHIUS® Rooibos Blackcurrant Flavor 100g, 40 x 2.5g tea bags

  • Intense Fruity Fragrance
  • Sweet and Fruity Taste
  • Natural Aroma
7.99 EUR
79.90 EUR per kg

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This is where mild-sour meets spicy-tart: This mixture is an unmistakably fruity taste experience with a pleasantly long-lasting aftertaste.

The Rooibos is flavored with around 2 percent Blackcurrant.



The Blackcurrant gives the mixture an intense, sweet aroma that you can feel immediately when you open the tea pack.


Verantwortliches Lebensmittelunternehmen:
Rooibos Company GmbH
Wacholderweg 8
89547 Gerstetten

Country of origin: Republic of South Africa

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