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Rooibos Buchu Blend 100g, tea bags

Item number: AT00004OU

OUHUIS® Rooibos Buchu Blend 100g, 40 x 2.5g tea bags

  • Strong-Floral-Sweet Fragrance
  • Slightly Tart and Sour Taste
  • 15% Buchu Mixture Share
7.99 EUR
79.90 EUR per kg

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The blend tastes slightly tart and has a sour note in the finish. The tea is reminiscent of lemon balm combined with the full-bodied red bush aroma.

The mixture share of the Buchu is ​​around 15 percent.



The Buchu leaves give the rooibos tea a delicate scent of peppermint and fruits: fresh and invigorating.



The Buchu (Agathosma Betulina) is a shrub from the South African Cape Mountains. The medicinal plant was already used in their traditional medicine by the indigenous people living in the western Cape, the Khoikhoi.

Buchu is also used as pure Buchu tea, brandy tincture or as vinegar.

It is also popular to serve it (Buchu) with brandy, known as "Boegoebrandewyn".


Country of origin: Republic of South Africa

Responsible Food Operator: Rooibos Company GmbH, Wacholderweg 8, D-89547 Gerstetten.