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Rooibos Espresso 270g, pods

Item number: AT00001RE

Rooibos Espresso 270g, 30 à 9g pods

  • Pods for portafilters and pad machines
  • Perfect, full flavor and body
  • With a layer of crema on top
  • Decaffeinated drink
  • User and environment friendly
14.99 EUR
55.52 EUR per kg

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Preparation Rooibos Espresso

Place the Rooibos pod in the inserted filter of the filter holder and snap the filter holder onto the coffee machine. Press the release button for a single shot. When the first shot is finished, wait about 5s and press the output button again for a second shot.

After the first shot, the rooibos gets wet and expands. On the second shot you get a slower flow with better extraction and therefore better flavor.

With a perfect espresso based Rooibos lay the foundation for popular drinks such as Red Cappuccino, Red Latte or Red Latte Macchiato. For a good milk froth you need fresh cold whole milk.



Red Cappuccino (180 ml):
  • Step 1: Preheat the cappuccino cup with hot water
  • Step 2: Pour 25 – 30 ml Red Espresso into the preheated cup
  • Step 3: Froth 100 – 150 ml milk (milk temperature up to max. 65 °C)
  • Step 4: Pour the milk froth into the cup
  • Step 5: Stir
  • Step 6: Drink and enjoy



Red Latte (240 ml):
  • Step 1: Preheat the latte glass on the machine or with hot water
  • Step 2: Brew 30 ml of espresso into the preheated glass
  • Step 3: Froth 210 ml milk (milk temperature up to max. 65 °C)
  • Step 4: Fill the milk froth into the café latte glass. Hold the milk jug close to the glass and gently move it back and forth as you pour.
  • Step 5: Drink and enjoy

The difference to the cappuccino is that the red latte consists of a higher proportion of milk and a lower proportion of milk froth. This makes layering of the components slightly different. This gives the drink a slightly milder taste.



Red Latte Macchiato (280 ml):
  • Step 1: Froth 150 - 200 ml milk in the glass (solid milk froth).
  • Step 2: Pour ¾ of the warm milk froth into a glass.
  • Step 3: Prepare 25 – 30 ml Rooibos espresso.
  • Step 4: Slowly pour the Rooibos espresso into the glass through the milk froth so that the Rooibos espresso collects on top of the warm milk.
  • Step 5: Drink and enjoy



Gerhard Rossouw - The father of Rooibos Espresso Pods

Gerhard Rossouw is currently the only manufacturer of rooibos pods and capsules.

But let's ask Gerhard himself how the idea of developing Rooibos espresso pods and capsules came about.

I have been supplying coffee to coffee shops in the Cape Town area and surrounding towns such as Paarl , Stellenbosch and Franschhoek for years .

With coffee shop visitors increasingly asking for decaffeinated beverages, some coffee shop operators have started experimenting with rooibos tea .

The results were unsatisfactory. The rooibos espresso tasted like brewed rooibos tea, and the handling of the cut rooibos was more complicated than with finely ground coffee.

The finely cut rooibos could not be compressed in the portafilter like espresso coffee powder and was also difficult to knock out of the portafilter. Rooibos residues soiled the sieve, which had to be cleaned in a time-consuming manner after each use.

The idea began to develop in me to not only simplify handling with pods and capsules, but also to achieve a Rooibos espresso taste that customers will love.

The flavor of rooibos depends heavily on which farm it comes from and how it was cut on the farm.

I tested many Rooibos from different farms until I found the right one.

Few people know that the sweet taste comes from the rooibos branches. The customers don't know that. They think that rooibos tea with the coarse pieces that come off the branches is inferior to the finely-chopped rooibos that only contains the rooibos needles. But it is precisely this natural sweetness that makes a good rooibos espresso so tasty.

Another important aspect is understanding what makes a good espresso coffee. Namely on the balance of water pressure, degree of compaction and the right screen.

These three components determine the right flow rate and thus how much of the rooibos flavor is extracted.

Based on my designs, I had a packaging machine built that compresses the rooibos and packs them in pods.

The sustainable manufacture of products is also important in South Africa. My pods are 100% recyclable.

When I presented the first pod prototypes to some coffee shop operators, they were enthusiastic. Handling was easy and the sieves are no longer soiled with the rooibos , so that a separate cleaning of the sieve is no longer necessary.

With the Rooibos Pods, the coffee shop operators always get the perfect red espresso, espresso based Rooibos.

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