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The Idea Behind The Rooibos Company

Discover The People Behind It

I drank my first Red Capucchino in South Africa in 2015. The taste, the effect, everything fascinated me. Back in Germany I wanted more of it - but Rooibos Espresso wasn't available anywhere here.

Further trips through South Africa showed me that the variety of Rooibos products there is almost endless.

In 2019 I went to Clanwilliam. A town in the Cederberg Mountains area, considered to be the home of the rooibos.

At the entrance to the village I found the Velskoendraai Farm Stall, a charming farm shop with produce from the region.

There was not only Rooibos tea in all flavors, but also Rooibos soft drinks, bread spreads, pastries and cosmetics.

I had never seen these products in Germany. The idea for a Rooibos webshop was born.

An Exclusive Platform For Rooibos

My goal is to import the versatile Rooibos to Europe and sell them here, and to focus on the farmers and their products.

The people who, with diligence, ingenuity and passion, create the extraordinary every day and create wonderful Rooibos products. They not only mix their own blends and flavors, they develop their own product ideas and combine the rooibos with other typical South African medicinal herbs such as Buchu, Honeybush and Cancerbush.

The Rooibos webshop is an exclusive platform through which Rooibos farmers can sell their premium Rooibos products directly in Europe - sustainably and much more than fair trade. I have personally visited every farm - for example OUHUIS® - and know how Rooibos are grown, harvested and stored there. Personal contact with the farmers is very important to me.

The warmth and hospitality of these people touched me deeply. I can only recommend everyone to visit South Africa and the Cederberg Mountains and admire the home of the wonderful rooibo with their own eyes.