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Rooibos is a Unique and Truly South African Gift from Nature

Red Cappuccino – the Ultimate Rooibos Drink

I drank my first red cappuccino in February 2015 in the Rosehill shopping center in Port Alfred. I didn't really know what I was drinking at the time, but I liked it.

A few days later I bought my first pack of Super Fine Cut Rooibos Espresso in a small tourist shop in Kenton on Sea.

I understood that red cappuccino is a rooibos drink, prepared like a cappuccino, but instead of espresso coffee you use espresso rooibos for the red cappuccino, which is very finely cut.

In the years that followed, I became more and more aware of the great gift of nature the rooibos is and in what diverse ways it is used in South Africa.

My interest was piqued. In February 2019 I decided to travel to Clanwilliam, the center of rooibos growing.

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Velskoendraai Farm Stall

At the entrance to the village there is the Velskoendraai Farm Stall, which offers a fascinating range of different Rooibos products for sale.

The friendly saleswoman explained to me in detail what the rooibos is used for.

In addition to the endless variety of rooibos tea blends and flavors, rooibos can also be found in soft drinks, spreads, pastries and cosmetics.

At home I started to try out the different mixtures and flavors and was impressed by the taste and above all by the intoxicating, intense smell of fragrant wild flowers.

I had never experienced rooibos teas in this premium quality before. The idea was born, now it was time to implement it.

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Zeekoevlei 109 – Paul Smit

In October 2019 I visited Clanwilliam again to meet the farmer Paul Smit, whom I had previously emailed to ask if there was any interest in exporting his rooibos teas directly to Europe.

The Farmers family welcomed me with open cordiality. The rooibos teas I bought in Germany met with great interest. The farmer, Paul Smit, immediately tasted the rooibos teas and found the caramel taste particularly interesting.

After the conversation, I was shown and explained the facilities for further processing and then drove me to the rooibos fields.

The global climate change is also evident in this area. The winter rain brings less precipitation and the dry periods last longer and longer.

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Does the Rooibos have a Future?

The rooibos is endemic, grows on sandy soils and thrives only in this area. Previous attempts to grow rooibos in other areas have failed.

The cause for this has not yet been found. Current research suggests that the rooibos can only thrive in association with other endemic plant species.

The lifespan of the cultivated Nortier variety has decreased from 12 years to just 5 years, and it suffers in particular from the longer and longer periods of drought.

In contrast to this, some wild rooibos varieties show a higher resilience to longer periods of drought. These form tap roots with which they can reach the groundwater.

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New Paths - New Breedings

For this reason, attempts have been made for several years to breed more water-efficient rooibos varieties that can adapt to increasing climatic changes.

The transformation away from intensive cultivation to more sustainable cultivation is also being tackled by some farms.

However, not all farms have the financial means for the necessary investment and are therefore giving up growing rooibos.

Other farms that want to convert to more sustainable farming have started selling their harvested rooibos under their own brands through retailers, previously limited to the South African market.

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Fair Traded - Fair Treated

The farms are more than just cheap raw material suppliers! They process their raw materials into their own products.

Fair trade includes the entire added value. From harvest, processing to packaging and sale. There is nothing that cannot be done in South Africa.

Rooibos growing is an important source of income for local families and communities in this rural area. Employment is still the best way out of poverty.

With this shop I would like to give the Rooibos its own exclusive platform: I not only want to offer you the wide range of Rooibos products, but also to make the people on the farms visible who, with all their hard work, ingenuity and passion, create something extraordinary and let us share in this unique gift of nature.

Once you are in the area of ​​the Cederberg Mountains, be sure to visit one of the farms: You are always welcome - just like anywhere in South Africa.

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