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The South African rooibos tea brands offered here belong to farmers and farm cooperatives who grow the rooibos on their own farms, process and package them on site and sell them directly.

What sets these rooibos tea brands apart?

The excellent quality and the extraordinary taste.

Rooibos tea connoisseurs appreciate the very good price-performance ratio and the large selection of blends and flavors, which clearly stand out from discount rooibos teas.

Although rooibos only grows around the Cederberg, you can taste the regional differences in the growing areas. But not only the location of the farm, but how the rooibos is processed there determines the later taste of the rooibos tea.

Each farm has its own customized marketing strategy - a "storytelling" that makes each brand something special (incomparable).

But the social aspect also motivates the farmers to process more of their rooibos harvest locally and sell it directly, because local value creation creates sustainable jobs.

OUHUIS® - Rooibos Tea

Product of South Africa

Extraordinary, versatile, intensive: This is how the tea compositions from OUHUIS® can be described.

Farmer Paul Smit personally monitors the quality of his Rooibos products - from cultivation to the ready-to-sell tea.

His experience and passion make OUHUIS® Rooibos an incomparable quality and taste.

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Rooibos is one of the best-known medicinal plants that only grows in the Cederberg mountain region north of Cape Town. Even the locals of Khoikoi's used infusion residues from rooibos tea or a specially made rooibos brew to treat skin irritations such as inflammation, itching and burning.

AfricanExtracts takes up this ancient knowledge and continuously develops its skin care product series with organic rooibos extract, natural plant extracts and vitamins for today's customer requirements.

The Classic care series is suitable for all skin types and age groups. Lightly textured with the protective antioxidant power of rooibos and vitamin C.

The Advantage care series is right for customers with dry and mature skin, which supplemented with special anti-aging plant complexes and vitamins, protects against the aging effects of sun exposure, air pollution and everyday stress.

The emulsions and oils are very thin and are quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving a greasy film on the skin or showing a greasy sheen. You will quickly feel the suppleness of the skin that is not smothered under a thick layer of cream. The skin breathes and the facial features relax.

All skin care products are very discreetly perfumed, with a light wood note typical of rooibos, subtle, not too heavy and pleasantly herbal. With the AfricanExtracts skin care products, you can naturally maintain healthy and elastic skin that is protected from drying out.

Rooibos Skin Care

African Extracts™ - Skin Care

African Extracts is a Cape Town family company that uses the skin care properties of rooibo for its skin care products.

Rob Tiffin and Sarah Hetherington's philosophy:

Authentic, effective and affordable products that combine the science of skin care with the proven effectiveness of natural plant extracts.

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Rooibos Company

We Have A Lot To Offer You

First Class Products

The location of the farms and the climatic conditions guarantee a unique quality of rooibos products. From sowing to packaging, everything is subject to the strictest controls. Only the best of the respective harvest is used for the products.

Diverse Range

You can find numerous varieties and flavors in our shop. Our partner farms offer unusual rooibos blends with South African medicinal and herbal plants as well as exclusive own creations such as the red cappuccino.

Unique Taste

Intense, aromatic and natural: this is how the Rooibos tastes straight from South Africa. Our Rooibos products are all produced directly on site: The farmers' expertise and passion for the plant make Rooibos so special and this is also reflected in the taste. Our Rooibos products are all produced directly on site: The farmers' expertise and passion for the plant make Rooibos so special and this is also reflected in the taste.

Direct Import

Transparent and personal: We know exactly where and from whom our products come. We know our partners personally and only import directly and without intermediate stops.

Fair Trade

We buy and import the end products from our partner farms in South Africa at fixed market prices. This creates additional income opportunities for locals on site, as the Rooibos is processed and packaged where it is harvested.

Sustainable Production

We guarantee ecologically sustainable cultivation of the soil and careful use of resources.

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