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Built in 1885, Ouhuis ("Old House") is the oldest homestead in the greater Zeekoevlei area near Clanwilliam in South Africa. The entire farm was later divided into seven small farms. The Ouhuis is on the part that became Zeekoevlei 109.

In 1954 Willie Engelbrecht bought Zeekoevlei 109 as well as the parts of Groenkol and Jaap-se-Kop. He started out as the first farmer in the region to grow Rooibos, wine, peaches and apricots. He also kept sheep and cattle. The region's first drying area for Rooibos was created there in 1961 and is still clearly visible.

In the 80s, inspired by Willi's daughter-in-law Bep, the brand OUHUIS® was born - the ® stands for Rooibos. Almost all family members took part in the design of the entire brand image: from the company logo and packaging design to the wording and marketing. Christie, Bep's husband, naturally cultivated the Rooibos for OUHUIS® himself.

The family business was slowed down in the early 1990s by Christie's death. Bep couldn't look after OUHUIS® alone and leased it to the older brothers. So it was quiet about OUHUIS® at first.

It wasn't until 2004 that the brand started talking again: The Smit family negotiated with Bep about the purchase of Zeekoevlei 109 and the OUHUIS® brand. On July 7th, 2004 they founded the company Protea Kop Rooibos Tee (Pty) Ltd. Under this company, the Smits started growing Rooibos on Zeekoevlei 109.



In 2006 the OUHUIS® brand was revived. Since then, the exceptional quality of OUHUIS® Rooibos has been back on the market.

Faith, perseverance and the people: these are the three success factors of the Smits family for the brand and their company.

OUHUIS® has nine permanent employees and around 28 seasonal workers during the harvest season. Quality, color and taste are what make OUHUIS® products so unique, according to Paul Smit. Only around 30 percent of the harvest is sold under the OUHUIS® own brand. This portion is processed and packaged by the Red T Company. The rest is sold in bulk at street stalls and in shops.

OUHUIS® currently exports to the Philippines, Taiwan and now also to Germany. 2020 was a good season - despite the difficult conditions caused by climate change and the tense economic situation.